Gencer Group has started its activities in 1976, continues to move forward with the name of GNCR Holding, by completing the conglomerate process in 2013. Within the Holding; it aims to maintain the competitive advantages of Gintem Madde Yönetimi A.Ş, Toirent A.Ş, GP A.Ş, WinWin A.Ş, Turp A.Ş, GNCR Enerji A.Ş and GNCR İnşaat companies and in this context, it continues investment works for a better life.

Gintem Madde Yönetimi A.Ş. specializes by adopting environmental awareness in the management of biomass material and serves with energy conversion, bio energy and biomass energy production facility projects within the framework of environmental cleaning, waste collection, transport, separation and biomass material management with the integrated solid waste management in partnership with municipalities and local governments in Turkey.

Toirent A.Ş. rents all types of commodities with mobile toilet, sink, shower, office, cabinet, trash containers and vehicles, water tank, vacuum and also provides a service for site clearance with the necessary equipment support for the organisations. It provides disinfection and hygiene services parking areas, schools, public transport stops within the project of Toipark which is the subsidiaries of Toirent. Furthermore, the electricity problems and visual pollution in the children's play parks are resolved with special methods. It offers all rental products and services related to water and rental of mobile platform, mobile marina, mobile pool, mobile organisation fields with the project of Toimarin.

Global Payment Sistem A.Ş. has established in order to develop new technologies for mobile payment systems. GP A.Ş, operates in the operation of payment systems with mobile payment network as well as software, equipment, infrastructure installation, field and operational services. While WinWin A.Ş, provides  the food needs of the corporate firms  having a large market share in the service sector, Turp A.Ş is the first company operating in micro-payment, transfer and order and by developing new projects in the field of mobile payments in Turkey and serves for the needs of the end-user in micro-banking.

GNCR Enerji A.Ş, has started to project its investments in the field of renewable energy along with the license application auctions which has started in June of 2013 within the scope of GES investments in Turkey. The design and implementation of solar panels which will be installed for 600 MW connection permission are one of our investments. With this project, GNCR Holding targets to announce the name with an investment which gives added value to Turkeyone more time with the environmental consciousness on the basis of vision.

As a new breakthrough, GNCR İnşaat which enters the construction sector with the power of information and experiences in different areas plans to sign the projects that will add value to Istanbul and Turkey.

GNCR Holding which always breaks new ground is at the peak of the power...

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