Toirent A.Ş.


When you need hygiene, Toirent is next to you!

Our companies went for assisting an emergency case caused by the earthquake in 1999 worked for achieving and maintaining hygienic conditions which was the most important needs of the people there and it has led to a new industry in our country in cooperation with the German company located in this region and Toirent A.Ş has been established in 2003.

It provides cleaning and maintenance services with the rental of sink shower, all kinds of office, bureau, VIP cabin first including mobile toilet.

Toirent which committed to provide a suitable environment for health and to protect it wherever it is needed serves as a solution partner beyond expectations. The works performed with the large-scale organizations throughoutTurkeysuch as Rock'n Coke, Mediterranean Olympics and the understanding of quality in turnkey project applications in areas of civilian and military are the most important references of Toirent.

Toirent A.Ş, provides the formation of such a sector in our country by offering rentable mobile services with hygienic equipments in outdoor organizations, military exercises, races and sporting events, sales and cut areas for sacrificial animal, parks and picnic areas, beaches, coastal lengths and iftar tents, festival, carnival and rallies, construction site and in short wherever it is needed.

Toirent with its innovative structure renders disinfection and hygiene services in the parking areas, schools, public transport stops within the project of Toirent. Furthermore, the electricity problems and visual pollution in the children's play parks are resolved with special methods. It offers all rental products and services related to water and rental of mobile platform, mobile marina, mobile pool, mobile organization fields with the project of Toimarin.

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