HR Policy

We value Environment and Human…

All companies which depend on the principles of professional working and included in GNCR Holding act always with the principle of breaking new ground with the same holistic approach. GNCR Holding expects to adopt this approach from his employees and support them and provides proper environment to develop themselves..

As GNCR Holding Human Resources

Our vision is to include in our company, to develop constantly and to hold motivation at the highest levelthe individuals adapting quickly to change and develop, innovative, multi-faceted, participatory, with a global perspective, constantly improving itself and its surroundings. 

Our Values

We are sensitive to human and environment

Aim to perfection, get the result

Make a difference.

Recruitment Process in GNCR Holding!

Aim of our recruitment process is to add us colleagues being suitable for GNCR Holding culture, having the competencies to carry our companies to our vision and mission.

Candidates with specific technical competencies especially compliance with our corporate culture and values taken into account.

Performance Assessment in GNCR Holding !

We manage an integrated process towards the objectives of all our colleagues from the company's vision.

We carry out the targeted dissemination system that our colleagues create their own individual targets based on the goals of the company and entities with the their managers at the beginning of each year. We ensure to be systematically monitored the course of these objectives throughout the year and to be made the performance and competency assessments with objective criteria at the end of year.

Total Revenue Management in GNCR Holding !

The system of business evaluation which is widely used all over the world is the basis of our fee management. As a result of business evaluation, the grade ranges are determined and the salary ranges are determined according to these grades. Every year, we review our position in the market with salary surveys and describe in a competitive manner.

Our employees take monthly fees according to their grades. According to the results of the annual performance evaluation of companies and individuals, annual wage increase is made and success fees are given for persons.


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